Taber Crosby, Audio Engineer

Taber Crosby is a freelance audio engineer operating in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Having worked on several feature and short fims, albums, EP's and commercials, Taber is focused on bringing high quality audio engineering to a variety of talented clients.

Since 2013, Taber has worked on a vast array of projects including location audio and post production sound for Winterlight Productions; Sound Design for Egg Films; and Recording, Mixing and Mastering Services for several bands in the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Recent Projects

Sound Recordist (Winterlight Productions)
As a location sound recordist, Taber has worked on several TV Series, including; Sláinte, Haunted and Cinema 902. Handling all sound recorded on the productions, Taber had to carefully evaluate the acoustics of the location and work with the Director of Photography to ensure high-quality audio without interfering with the camera.
Mixing and Mastering Engineer (Ragged Island Roosters)
As Mixing and Mastering Engineer, Taber oversaw the final stages of the Ragged Island Roosters self-titled debut album. In charge of modifying and configuring the sound of various recordings into a final finished project, Taber used his knowledge of the music and audio software to craft a competitive musical product for enjoyable home listening.
Sound Designer (Freelance)
As a freelance sound designer, Taber managed additional dialogue recording (ADR), picking plaching and editing sounds to video, recording Foley and additional sound effects, and mixing the final product into end consumer formats. Currently, Taber is doing the post production sound for Sláinte. With many scenes shot in noisy environments, special attention is paid to audio repair and cleanup.


Centre for Arts and Technology - (Now DaVinci College)
Audio Engineering | Halifax, Nova Scotia | Graduated in 2013


Technical Proficiencies
  • Pro Tools Operation
  • Sound Design, Editing and Mixing
  • Field Recorder Operation
  • Dialogue Recording, Editing and Repair
  • Foley Recording and Editing
  • Drum Recording
  • Acoustic Treatment
  • Audio Mastering
  • Audio Restoration
  • Vocal Correction and Tuning

Currently, Taber is offering location sound, post production and mixing services. To inquire about these services, contact Taber today.